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Address: MZ FOOD PRODUCTS PRIVATE LIMITED Opp.Kanjari Bus Stop, Anand Nadiad Road, Kanjari 387325, Ta. Nadiad, Dist. Kheda, Gujarat, India
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About Tiku Snacks

Founded by Shri Manibhai Zaverbhai Patel in 1969 in Boriavi near Anand of Gujarat State, India, the MZ group has been preserving and producing food products for more than 50 years.

Since that time, MZ has provided its high-quality products to markets across the country and the globe. From its inception, the MZ Group has continued to grow its product lines to include not only frozen foods, ready-to-eat, freshly packed fruits and vegetables, and fine quality spices, but also wholesome and organic snacks.

We produce our products in our factories, which are equipped with the latest technology, and maintain the highest food quality, safety, and purity standards. As a distributor of our products, you can be certain you are receiving world-class products from the best Snacks Manufacturer in Gujarat, to meet the needs of your domestic and international customers.

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Why Us?

Tiku Snacks Manufacturers in Gujarat, India

Tiku is one of a kind! How?

About Tiku Snacks Company in Gujarat


Taste isn’t the sole thing that we focus on. Concentrating on the well-being of our consumers is among our top priorities. We make sure all the Health and Food Safety standards are followed and maintained throughout all the processes. At Tiku, science meets food. Our innovative team is focused on creating healthy delicious and hygienic snacks that not just fill your stomach but fulfill your soul.

With the provision of the most modern production and processing technology, the best crew and our expertise in the industry, quality work, judicious theories to the operative quality assurance, and our pledge to manufacture the best products differentiate us. To confirm the safety of our food products, we are registered with FSSAI.

With the aim to develop the best for you and to ensure top of the class infrastructure, we are a team of Experienced food researchers, Food Inspectors, Recipe Developers, and Quality Assurers. Backed with our extensive Market and nutrition research, we are constantly innovating to give you new delicious snacks. To become and know About Snacks Distributor Contact Us now.